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miércoles, febrero 11, 2009

Jefferson Starship - Live At B.B. King´s Club


This is the fourth in the new, brilliant series of Jefferson Starship liverecordings, "Mick's Picks". And this is time it's an almost brand new show, from 9/9/07, at one of their favorite venues B.B. King's Bluesclub in N.Y..Where quite a few of their peers still draw capacity crowds, Paul Kantner & Co. seem happy to play adventurous and inventive Music for smaller audiences.

The show is primarily chosen for it's unique setlist. Starting off with a series of Airplane classics, mainly from "Surrealistic Pillow", and it's of course always a treat to hear these legendary psychedelic songs in new, fresh arrangements. Then drifting into a string of those gorgous, latin-tinged Marty Balin lovesongs, a genre few masters better than him. In fact Marty is in great form throughout, as leadvocalist that is, for his harmony vocals aren't excactly spot on (and the same goes for Paul).

Second set starts off with some material from Paul's soloalbum, including the firts ever liveversion of "Millions" (from the legendary "Sunfighter" album) and "Your Mind Has left Your Body", perhaps the most intelligent and profound song ever written about the entheogenic experience. And then drifts into a string of Starship hits.

Diana Mangono makes some of those beautiful Grace Slick songs come alive, notably "Lather" and "Fast Buck Freddie". David Freiberg shines on Quicksilver's "Pride Of Man" and his own wonderful ballad "Harp Tree Lament", set to one of those poignant and touching Robert Hunter lyrics. While the versatile Slick Aquilar plays some stellar lead, a great technician with a strong psychedelic sensibility.

There's not much jamming, and the show certainly isn't flawless, with some false starts and some serious 'trainwrecks', but it's LIVE, creative, funnny and deeply fullfilling.

1. She Has Funny Cars
2. Somebody to Love
3. Bono Joke
4. Dcba-25
5. 3-5ths of a Mile in 10 Seconds
6. Today
7. White Rabbit
8. Plastic Fantastic Lover
9. Lather
10. Won't You Try/Saturday Afternoon
11. Martha
12. Get Together
13. Comin' Back to Me
14. With Your Love
15. Runaway
16. Summer of Love

2-1. Hearts
2-2. Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
2-3. Commandante Carlos Finseca
2-4. Million
2-5. Sketches of China
2-6. White Boy "Fakeout"
2-7. Your Mind Has Left Your Body
2-8. Harp Tree Lament
2-9. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
2-10. Pride of Man

3-1. Caroline
3-2. All Fly Away
3-3. Count on Me
3-4. Miracles
3-5. Fast Buck Freddy
3-6. Jane
3-7. There Will Be Love
3-8. Hyperdrive
3-9. Ride the Tiger
3-10. Volunteers

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Anonymous Anónimo said...

Hola amigo Javi,
donde puedo encontrar el link para interesarme por este concierto, je buscado por el sitio habitual y no lo he encontrado.

Blogger javirunner said...

Ya comente hace unas semanas q no iba a poner mas enlaces directos... por las denuncias de google, pero con uno poco de imaginación seguro q lo encuentras, un simple copiar y pegar te servira ;)

Anonymous Anónimo said...

Gracias por compartir este excelente concierto de la saga Jefferson Starship.
Un saludo,


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