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lunes, noviembre 24, 2008

Cream ReMasters (02) Outakes and Alternates

Cream ReMasters Outakes and Alternates


Remaster Quality: Variable but overrall quite good. All recordings have been standardised as to amplitude (volume) and digitally filtered. Acetate noise is still present but much reduced on that source material. The BBC recordings have been bass boosted (not by me) which is acceptable as they are quite thin sounding (all the other versions I have). The off-air recordings include noise as it was AM and recorded by mike - this has been reduced.

Comment: The Outtakes combined with the BBC give a rounded picture of Cream's playing and development at the time. The BBC performances are not in the class of the the brilliant Hendrix release but there are a few very good ones. Separately the Outakes and BBC are of marginal interest but when I combined them it all came together because of the very brief recording period.

CD1 (71 min)
Fresh Cream Sessions

July/Aug 1966, Rayrik Studios, Chalk Farm, London

1. Beauty Queen (J.Bruce) - Rehearsal
2. Coffee Song (Colton/Smith) - Rehearsal
3. Coffee Song (Colton/Smith) - Master, Alternate Mix (from Acetate)
4. You Make Me Feel (Bruce/Brown) - Rehearsal
5. Wrapping Paper (Bruce/Brown) - Rehearsal 1
6. Wrapping Paper (Bruce/Brown) - Master, Alternate Mix (from Acetate)

Sept 1966, Ryemuse Studio, Mayfair Productions, Mayfair, London

7. Cats Squirrel (Ross) - Rehearsal
8. Cats Squirrel (Ross) - Alternate Master (from Acetate)
9. I Feel Free (Bruce Brown) - Rehearsal
10. I Feel Free (Bruce Brown) - Incomplete Master
11. I Feel Free (Bruce Brown) - Master, Alternate Mix (from Acetate)

Oct. 1966, Ryemuse Studio, Mayfair Productions Studios, London

12. Sweet Wine (Baker/Godfrey) - Rehearsal
13 . Sweet Wine (Baker/Godfrey) - Rehearsal
14. Sweet Wine (Baker/Godfrey) - Incomplete Master
15. Sweet Wine (Baker/Godfrey) - Master, Alternate Mix (from Acetate)
16. Sleepy Time Time (Bruce/Godfrey) - Alternate Master (from Acetate)
17. Four Until Late (Johnson) - Master, Alternate Mix (from Acetate)

Nov 1966, Ryemuse Studio, Mayfair Productions Studios, London

18. Rollin’ and Tumblin’ (Morganfield) - Alternate Master
19. Toad (Baker) - Rehearsal
20. I’m So Glad (James) - Incomplete Master

Note: Some sources describe additional outtakes, these are "You Make Me Feel 2" which is a duplicate of track ‘3’; "Wrapping Paper 2" which is a duplicate of track ‘4’; "I Feel Free 2" which is a faulty copy of track ‘9’.

The BBC Sessions

21/22 Intro/Wrapping Paper (Bruce/Brown) - BBC Radio 8 Nov 1966.
23/24 Intro/Traintime (Bruce) - BBC Radio 10 Jan 1967 (off air recording).
25/26 Intro/Stepping Out (Bracken) - BBC Radio 8th November 1966.
27. I’m So Glad (James) - BBC Radio 8th Nov 1966 (off air recording).

Disraeli Gears

28. Tales Of Brave Ulysses (Clapton/Sharp) - mono single mix
29. Sunshine of Your Love (Bruce/Brown/Clapton) - mono single edit

CD2 (79 min)

The BBC 'Fresh Cream'

1/2. Interview/I Feel Free (Bruce/Brown) - 10th January 1967
3. NSU (Bruce) - 10th January 1967
4/5/6. Intro/Sweet Wine (Baker/Godfrey)/outro - 8th November 1966
7. Sleepy Time Time (Baker/Bruce) - 8th November 1966 (off air)
8/9. Intro/Cats Squirrel (Ross/arr Splurge) - 9th December 1966
10. Four Until Late (Johnson) - 10th January 1967
11. I’m So Glad (James) - 9th December 1966
12. Rollin’ and Tumblin’ (Morganfield) - 8th November 1966
13. Toad (Baker) - 10th January 1967 (off air)
14. Traintime (Bruce) - 10th January 1967 (off air)

Wheels of Fire Sessions

July/Aug 1967 – IBC Studios, London

16. La La Song
17. Singalong
18. Tuba Tune
19. Spike’s Theme
20. Blue Moon
21. Polonaise Jam
22. Barrelhouse Blues

Tracks 15-22 feature Ginger Baker on Spoons/Percussion & Vocals, Jack Bruce on Piano & vocals except for 1 on Acoustic Bass, Eric Clapton on Acoustic Guitar & Vocals, Felix Pappalardi on small Tuba & Acoustic Bass. These are very stoned jams probably recorded at Jack or Ginger's home.

23. White Room (Bruce/Brown) - 1st Master.
24. Falstaff Beer (Baker/Bruce/Clapton)
25. Falstaff Beer (Baker/Bruce/Clapton)
26/27 Interview/Born Under A Bad Sign (Jones/Bell) 24th Oct 1967 - BBC Radio, London

Dec 1967 – Atlantic Studios, N.Y.

28. Sitting on Top of the World (Burnett) - B-side single mix
29. Anyone for Tennis (Clapton/Sharp) - Alt Master .
30. Pressed Rat and Warthog (Baker/Taylor) - Alt Master.
31. Politician (Bruce/Brown) - 9th Jan 1968 - BBC Radio Studios London

Oct, Dec 1967, Feb, June 1968 – Atlantic Studios, N.Y.
32. As You Said (Bruce/Brown) - alternate mix
33. White Room (Bruce/Brown) - single edit.

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