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sábado, abril 19, 2008

Bob Seger - Against The Wind

Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band
Against the Wind

De entre todos los discos a los que tengo un especial cariño, este se lleva la palma. Sera porque en su momento me marco tanto como el "Born to run", "Transformer" o el "Ziggy" de Bowie. Me preguntaba un amigo porque Springsteen habia triunfado tanto en Europa, y Seger no, cuando a los dos nos gustaba mas este...sera cosa del marketing, pero realmente, aunque la carrera de Seger no haya sido tan fructifera en exitos, su musica es de lo mejor de los 70, y en este disco lo demuestra. Imprescindible como casi todo lo del americano.

Though there are still some traces of the confessionals that underpinned Beautiful Loser through Stranger in Town, Against the Wind finds Bob Seger turning toward craft. Perhaps he had to, since Against the Wind arrived after three blockbuster albums and never-ending tours. Even so, this record winds up not feeling as immediate or soulful as its predecessors, especially since it begins with a tossed-off rocker called "The Horizontal Bop," possibly his most careless tune since "Noah." It's fun, but once it's done, the record really starts to kick into high gear with "You'll Accomp'ny Me," a ballad the equal of anything on its two predecessors. Throughout Against the Wind, Seger winds up performing better on the ballads than the rockers, which, while good, tend to sound a little formulaic. Still, Seger's formula is good and if "Her Strut" and "Betty Lou's Gettin' out Tonight" would have been second stringers on Stranger in Town, they offer a nice balance here, and the rest of the record alternates between similarly well-constructed rockers and introspective ballads like "Against the Wind" and "Fire Lake." Compared to its predecessors, this does feel a little weak, but compared with its peers, it's a strong, varied heartland rock album that finds Seger at a nearpeak.

01. The Horizontal Bop [0:04:02.43]
02. You'll Accompany Me [0:03:59.32]
03. Her Strut [0:03:53.15]
04. No Man's Land [0:03:43.03]
05. Long Twin Silver Line [0:04:15.57]
06. Against The Wind [0:05:33.48]
07. Good For Me [0:04:03.25]
08. Betty Lou's Gettin' Out Tonight [0:02:52.05]
09. Fire Lake [0:03:32.50]
10. Shinin' Brightly [0:04:24.45]



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