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lunes, marzo 31, 2008

Keith Richards – Talk is Cheap (MFSL)

Keith Richards - Talk is Chip (1988)
MFSL UDCD 557 (1992)

Talk Is Cheap is the solo album debut by Keith Richards, co-leader of The Rolling Stones, and was released in 1988. Recorded and released following a brief creative and personal fallout with Mick Jagger, Talk Is Cheap received glowing reviews upon its release.
Relations between Jagger and Richards had grown tense over the course of the 1980s, as they began to differ on the musical direction of their famous band. The image-conscious Jagger was keen to follow the trends and keep The Rolling Stones current, while Richards wanted to preserve their reputation and roots. When Jagger was more interested in pursuing his solo career instead of touring for Dirty Work in 1986, Richards was stung by Jagger's move and began contemplating a solo project for the first time.
Teaming up with Steve Jordan, who had worked on Dirty Work, the pair wrote several new songs (one of which, "Almost Hear You Sigh", would be placed on The Rolling Stones' Steel Wheels in 1989 with lyrical modifications by Jagger). Recording began in August 1987 in Montreal and continued sporadically until the following May with visits to Montserrat. In order to assert his independence further, Richards would sign with Virgin Records, while The Rolling Stones were currently under contract with Sony Music (although they'd switch over to Virgin themselves in 1991).
Of the friends and celebrities taking part, including Ivan Neville, Sarah Dash and Patti Scialfa, the most famous is former guitarist for The Rolling Stones, Mick Taylor.
The songs recorded for Talk Is Cheap find Richards in a confident and carefree mood, with a very natural air to the precedings. The only moment where the setting turns somewhat heated is in "You Don't Move Me", a thinly-veiled response to Jagger that was well-publicised by the media upon the album's unveiling.
Released in October 1988, Talk Is Cheap was released to a very receptive critical reaction (many reviewers jokingly called it the best Rolling Stones album in years) and it peaked at #37 in the UK and #24 in the US, where it went gold.

01. Big Enough
02. Take It So Hard
03. Struggle
04. I Could Have Stood You Up
05. Make No Mistake
06. You Don't Move Me
07. How I Wish
08. Rockawhile
09. Whip It Up
10. Locked Away
11. It Means a Lot

Keith Richards Dead Flowers live

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