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jueves, junio 07, 2007

Jefferson Starship: Earth: Tierra

Jefferson Starship
Earth (1978) Flac

La etapa mas AOR de los Jefferson no esta lo suficientemente valorada a mi entender. Si bien, comparada con la etapa "Airplane", el estilo mas pop de la banda hace q los mas puristas vean un cambio demasiado radical en el estilo, los discos q sacaron a partir de 1974, como "Dragon Fly" "Spitfire" "Red Octopus" o este "Earth", son notables muestras de preciosismo lirico. Aire, fuego, agua y tierra, los elementos del cosmos hechos musica. Aun en 1999 se montaron algunos de los miembros originales un gran album, "Windows of Heaven", q intentare traer dentro de poco, ya q es el unico q me falta junto al "Early Flight", seleccion de caras b, disco de la etapa Airplane, q me pone aun los pelos de punta.

Jefferson Starship had figured out how to craft high-octane, high-gloss AOR rock with Red Octopus, a highlight of mainstream hard rock in the '70s. Instead of being a launching pad to greater things, the album turned out to be the group's pinnacle, and in the years following its release, the group simply recycled its ideas. In the case of its sequel, Spitfire, that was acceptable, because they had enough hooks to make the similarity forgivable. On Earth, however, they had neither the melodies, hooks or style to make a second rewrite of Red Octopus tolerable. Earth has the form, but not the content, of Jefferson Starship's masterpiece -- it just sits there, lacking either hard rockers or sappy ballads. Arguably, it's the group's low point of the '70s.

1.Love Too Good 6:07
2.Count On Me 3:17
3.Take Your Time 4:14
4.Crazy Feelin' 3:41
5.Skateboard 3:22
6.Fire 4:46
7.Show Yourself 4:39
8.Runaway 5:24
9.All Nite Long 6:35

Band Lineup:
Paul Kantner - Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
Grace Slick - Vocals
Marty Balin - Vocals
David Freiberg - Vocals, Bass and Keyboard
Pete Sears - Bass and Keyboard
Craig Chiquico - Lead Guitar
John Barbata - Drums/Percussion

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