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miércoles, agosto 01, 2007

Blossom Toes - We Are Ever So Clean

Giorgio Giomelsky, descubridor de grupos tan importantes como Yardbirds, produjo el primer album de los Blossom Toes. Sin duda, el año 1967 fue un buen año para la musica, los Beatles grababan Sgt. Peppers, Pink Floyd daba susu primeros pasos, y los Toes este "We Are Ever So Clean". Este disco esta entre mis favoritos, junto a su siguiente y ultimo album "I´ts Only For A Moment". Podria decirse que aunan la lisergia de los primeros Floyd, con la fuerza de los Kinks, y los arreglos de cuerda de Beatles.
Flautas, Oboes, Trompetas... todo ello para hacer uno de los mas singulares discos de la epoca.

We Are Ever So Clean was an enthralling selection, astutely combining English pop with a quirky sense of humour. The grasp of melody offered on "Love Is" or "What's It For" was akin to that of the Idle Race or the Beatles, while the experimental flourish on "What On Earth" or "Look At Me, I'm You" captures the prevailing spirit of 1967. Upon its release, it was presented in Melody Maker as "Giorgio Gomelsky's Lonely Hearts Club Band".

If Only For A Moment marked the departure of Westlake, who was replaced, in turn, by John "Poli" Palmer, then Barry Reeves. A noticeably heavier sound was shown throughout, with especial prominence given to Cregan and Godding's distinctive two-part guitar harmonies. The quartet was dissolved in 1970, but while Belshaw and Godding rejoined Westlake in B.B. Blunder, Cregan formed Stud with Jim Wilson and Charlie McCracken, before joining Family. He later found fame with Cockney Rebel and Rod Stewart.

Film work: The Blossom Toes contributed music to La Collectionneuse (1967), a film by Éric Rohmer and appeared in "Popdown" (1967) by Fred Marshall.

  • What On Earth/Mrs. Murphy's Budgerigar/Look At Me I'm You (October 1967, Marmalade 598002)
  • We Are Ever So Clean (Album - October 1967, Marmalade 607001 (mono) 608001 (stereo))
  • I'll Be Your Baby Tonight/Love Is (March 1968, Marmalade 598009)
  • Postcard/Everybody's Leaving Me Now (October 1968, Marmalade 598012)
  • If Only For A Moment (Album - July 1969, Marmalade 608010)
  • Peace Loving Man/Above My Hobby Horses Head (April 1969, Marmalade 598014)
  • New Day / Love Bomb (October 1969, Marmalade 598022)
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Blossom Toes - Peace Loving Man



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