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sábado, febrero 16, 2008

Hot Tuna - Yellow Fever

Hot Tuna - Yellow Fever

Blues Rock

La posible escicion de la Jefferson, que al final no fue tal. Kaukonen y Casady, en la epoca mas complicada de los Airplane, se montan un divertimento para relajar la tension. Junto al armonicista Will Scarlet graban su primer lp en 1969, puro blues acustico y en vivo, una delicia que tuvo bastante exito. Spencer Dryden y Balin se les unieron, aunque no hay registros sonoros de esos tiempos (si alguien los tiene, ya sabe.. ). Kaukonen y Casady abandonaron la Jefferson alla por el 74, y Hot Tuna paso a ser un super trio de power blues. "Burgers" (1972) "The Phosphorescent Rat" (1974) "America's Choice" (1975), "Yellow Fever" (1975) y "Hoppkov" (1976). El asunto se acabo en el 77 con "Double Douse ", un magnifico disco en vivo. Ni que decir tiene que los discos de los Tuna son altamente recomendados para los amantes del blues electrico, con garra y mucho sentimiento.

Jorma and Jack are solid electric on one of their finest and superbly crafted recording endeavors on Yellow Fever, one of my absolute favorite Hot Tuna albums, from the first moment I heard it. Their guitar and bass communicate to each other beyond what words can describe-only your ears will understand how well they collaborate and weave in and out of each others realm with their skillful tightness. Their music is in a category of their own and totally unique in the history of rock (and roll). Their talent and abilty to take blues and spin it somewhere else has always amazed me. This album demands listening and sounds just a fresh today as it did wihen it was first released years ago.

This is one of my favorite hot tuna albums. if you like the electric sound on americas choice or hoppkorv, this album was released in between and is definitely heavier and more muscular but similar. sunrise dance with the devil is of course one of hot tuna's best known songs. jorma goes for the searing sound, multilayered on almost every track. only weakness is a couple of the songs on side two just dont go anywhere interesting. the instrumental finale surphase tension is worth the price of the disc alone. not sure why this has been out of print in the states.

Hot Tuna's second album of 1975 began with a cover of Jimmy Reed's "Baby, What You Want Me to Do" rendered in the group's characteristic noisy electric-guitar style, an approach that was typical of this more-of-the-same album. By this point, Jorma Kaukonen seemed to have found a balance between his songwriting ambitions and the need to provide springboards for the group's boogie-all-night improvisations. Here, "Sunrise Dance with the Devil" and "Bar Room Crystal Ball" feature good lyrics and excellent hooks, yet still fit into Hot Tuna's heavy approach.

01. Baby What You Want Me To Do [0:06:38.20]
02. Hot Jelly Roll Blues [0:04:18.50]
03. Free Rein [0:04:12.55]
04. Sunrise Dance With the Devil [0:04:27.60]
05. Song For the Fire Maiden [0:04:19.18]
06. Bar Room Crystal Ball [0:06:47.27]
07. Half-Time Saturation [0:04:45.28]
08. Surphase Tension [0:03:59.55]

Hot Tuna - Come Back Baby - 1972

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