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martes, diciembre 18, 2007

Julie Driscoll and the Brian Auger Trinity - If Your Memory Serves You Well

Julie Driscoll and the Brian Auger Trinity
If Your Memory Serves You Well

Soul - British Invasion
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Julie Driscoll es una de las musas del pop de finales de los 60 y compañera de Keith Tippet, reputado musico de la epoca. Su voz de terciopelo y su buen ojo para elejir sus compañeros de viaje, hizo de ella una reputada cantante de Jazz y R&B, siempre pasado por el tamiz pop. Se unio a Rod Steward y el propio Auger para formar Steampacket a mediados de los 60, y despues de su disolucion a la Brian Auger Trinity, con los que hizo un par de discos sobresalientes, como "Streetnoise" y "Open". En este disco se compilan algunos de los primeros singles de Julie y temas con Auger. Una voz realmente magnifica.

The title of this budget compilation is lifted from Julie Driscoll & the Brian Auger Trinity's best-known number, the spooky reinvention of Dylan's "This Wheel's On Fire" that became a monster hit in 1968. The contents, however, tell a different story entirely, as they dig back into the run of flop singles that both parties released in the U.K. in the years before they officially joined forces -- and which have been compiled on so many occasions in the past that it seems almost futile to take them once more around the block. But only if you've heard it all before. Newcomers, on the other hand, will thrill to find no less than a dozen primal slabs of British Beat -- driving jazz and fiery R&B on the Auger tracks, blazing soul on the Driscoll cuts, with both players serving advance notice of the brilliant fire that would be spread across their partnership later in the decade. And, if Auger's own finest 45, a frenetic remake of "Green Onions," is absent from this collection, then the presence of latter-day jewel "Shadows of You" more than compensates.

01. Don't Do It No More [0:02:36.55]
02. I Didn't Want to HAve To Do it [0:02:47.35]
03. I Don't Know Where You Are [0:02:19.25]
04. I Know You Love Me Not [0:03:25.57]
05. If You Should Ever Leave Me [0:03:15.20]
06. Shadows of You [0:03:39.15]
07. Come Back To Croydon [0:02:22.00]
08. Foolkiller [0:02:13.68]
09. Kiko [0:05:21.15]
10. Let's Do It Tonight [0:04:29.42]
11. Own Up, Lady Astor [0:02:25.18]
12. Tiger [0:02:30.67]

Link in "The Face"

Wheels on Fire - Julie Driscoll,Brian Auger & Trinity



Blogger knos55 said...

Quisiera poder oir este disco pero no veo el link. Gracias.

Blogger knos55 said...

The Face=la cara. ok.

Anonymous Anónimo said...


Your blog looks really good; unfortunately, I have no idea at all how to download the music. Where are the links? Are they still active? I'm most interested in hearing the Julie Driscoll/Brian Auger CD- could you please explain how to download?


Blogger javirunner said...

click in the cover of de record. send to emule.


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