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martes, octubre 23, 2007

The Butts Band Complete Recordings

The Butts Band - Complete Recordings
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Despues de la muerte y la desintegracion de Doors, tras un par de albums de dudosa calidad, Densmore y Krieger forman The Butts Band, una poderosa banda con la que graban un par de albums. El primero, "The Butts Band", con temas dentro de la onda rockera y del R&B, y "Hear&Now", con toques mas soul y una voz femenina de altura.

The 1973 debut of Butts Band, produced by Doors engineer turned producer Bruce Botnick, is — along with Ray Manzarek's 1974 release, The Golden Scarab (also produced by Botnick) — the true fulfillment of what Other Voices and Full Circle initiated. A release of Golden Scarab and The Butts Band on one CD would be a good companion piece to the aforementioned post-Morrison Doors releases; it's most likely what would have evolved had the Doors' trio given us a third album in the early '70s. Make no mistake, this is very musical and great stuff, it just had no image, introduced us to new personalities, and was saddled with a terrible name (c'mon, the Butts Band? What was Jimmy Castor's line in "Troglodyte"? "Bertha Butt, one of the Butt sisters." It's just plain silly with the world watching the Doors' legacy). Before Robbie Krieger went on his jazz tangent, this folky blues group may have been a necessary diversion. There's none of the Doors' darkness or Ray Manzarek's manic intensity here. It's laid-back, well-played, perfectly recorded music on the Blue Thumb label. What is surprising is that Robbie Krieger was an integral part of the Doors' hit singles. He seems to have put that in the past on these compositions. "Baja Bus," with conga by Larry McDonald, might as well be the Allman Brothers. Side one was recorded in Kingston, Jamaica, with Botnick as engineer, while in London for side two at Olympic Studios they used Keith Harwood on the boards, though Bruce Botnick is the producer of the entire package. More of what you'd expect than the follow-up, Hear and Now, which changes all the musicians save the two Doors and completely reshuffles the sound. Gotta hand it to Krieger and Densmore; they can be as proud of this as Ten Wheel Drive's Zager and Schefrin can be of their post-Genya Ravan disc on EMI. That record wasn't Ten Wheel Drive with Genya Ravan, but it was competent and worth a listen, as is The Butts Band.

"The Butts Band" 1974

1. I Won't Be Alone Anymore
2. Baja Bus
3. Sweet Danger
4. Pop-A-Top
5. Be With Me
6. New Ways
7. Love Your Brother
8. Kansas City

"Here & Now" 1975

9. Get Up, Stand Up
10. Corner Of My Mind
11. Caught In The Middle
12. Everybody's Fool
13. Livin' And Dyin'
14. Don't Wake Up
15. If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody
16. Feelin' So Bad
17. White House
18. Act Of Love
19. That's All Right
20. Lovin' You For All The Right Reasons




Blogger Darkhorse1974 said...

Me lo bajo Javi, a ver que tal.

Un abrazo

Blogger Miguel said...

Quiero bajarlo, pero cómo? No veo ningun "descarga" por ningún lado. Disculpen la novatada, pero me interesa el disco de The Butts Band (1974)


Blogger javirunner said...

ponte sobre la imagen del disco y pincha.

Blogger karo said...

great music - but the link above the upper "complete recordings" picture ist dead.....

greetings: karo

Blogger javirunner said...

It´d dead ? :O No ;) the link is in the picture of the disc.

Blogger gustavo van houten said...

La 3ª vez que lo intento Y perdona que te pregunte ¿se puede grabar desde esta pagina? o ?Se puede bajar los discos que aparecen?
Por lo que veo te gustan los mismos discos que a mi.

Blogger javirunner said...

No por descarga directa. Usa el emule.

Anonymous Anónimo said...

I don`t know how find link to Butts band. I don`t understand espanol. Please help me
Drako from Macedonia

Blogger javirunner said...

If you use emule, push on the cover. Not direct download.

Anonymous roBB said...

thank you very much for your hell of work, but the result is a really extraordinary blog!!!

saludos de Quito: RoBB

unfortunately if somebody doesn´t like spy-programmes like e-mule can´t download your great music...

que pena!!!


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