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lunes, agosto 20, 2007

MiKe Scott: Bring 'em all in

Mike Scott
Bring 'em all in

En este primer disco de Scott, se notan las influencias de los autores mas introspectivos, favoritos todos ellos del lider de los Waterboys. El disco rezuma sabor a Dylan y a Van Morrison. Temas acusticos y asperos, en los que Scott desgrana su vision de la vida.
Ciertamente no esta tan conseguido como "Still Burnig", que es un disco magnifico, pero se escucha con placer.

Scott's always been one to wear his heart on his sleeve, and has perhaps never done so to a greater extent than on his debut solo effort. Fans might not appreciate the comparison, but he sometimes sounds like a far rawer and surlier Al Stewart on these folkish, acoustic guitar-dominated ruminations; shadows of Dylan and Van Morrison, which have never been far from his work, continue to lurk here. Perhaps his most soul-baring release ("Long Way to the Light" is a virtual travelog of The Waterboys' demise and the birth of Scott's solo career), though not necessarily his best, or one that's too likely to win over converts to his devoted fan base.

01. - Bring 'em all in
02. Iona Song
03. Edinburgh Castle
04. What do You want me to do?
05. I know she's in the Building
06. City Full of Ghosts (Dublin)
07. Wonderful Disguise
08. Sensitive Children
09. Learning to Love him
10. She is so Beautiful
11. Wonderful Disguise (Reprise)
12. Long Way to the Light
13. Building the City of Light

The Waterboys "Fishermans Blues" Royal Albert Hall, 11/05/07



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