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domingo, diciembre 09, 2007

Blackfoot - Medicine Man

This 1991 release was this once-great Southern rock band's swan song. After running out of steam on Atlantic with a string of increasingly overproduced albums, this bloated effort comes across as nothing more than very bad hair metal released approximately five years after the genre had peaked. By this time only Ricky Medlocke is left from the original band, with various local Detroit metal band refugees making up the rest of the lineup. The songwriting is clichéd beyond belief, the playing faceless, and while two of these tracks end up on their Rhino best-of, one really has to wonder why. Little wonder that Medlocke would soon be leaving for the comparative safety of a re-formed Lynyrd Skynyrd. For completists only. AMG

Blackfoot - Medicine Man (1991)
EAC wv

01. Doin' My Job [0:03:59.42]
02. The Stealer [0:03:22.25]
03. Sleazy World [0:03:57.38]
04. Not Gonna Cry Anymore [0:03:39.17]
05. Navarre [0:01:49.65]
06. Soldier Blue [0:04:08.40]
07. Runnin', Runnin' [0:04:37.03]
08. Chilled To D'Bone [0:04:18.00]
09. Guitar Slingers Song & Dance [0:05:28.60]

Blackfoot - Medicine Man

Train, Train



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