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sábado, noviembre 24, 2007

Jefferson Airplane At Golden Gate Park

Jefferson Airplane - Live At Golden Gate Park 1969

Live - Psychedelic Rock
Eac Wavpack - Covers

Alla por 1974, entre discos de Beatles, Rolling y Dylan, la Jefferson Airplane, entre nubes lisergicas, me introdujo de lleno dentro de la onda psicodelica de la costa oeste. Melodias desbocadas y guitarras lacerantes, y Grace Slick siempre presente dentro de mi cabeza. "Go to her" y "Mexico" golpeando desde "Early Flyght" como misiles.
Un concierto mas recuperado de un bootleg con sonido pobre. No da el peso del potencial de la Jefferson en vivo, una pena.

British archival label Charly Records' Jefferson Airplane release At Golden Gate Park is billed on its back cover as the "first authorised release" of what annotator Jon "Mojo" Mills calls the band's "oft-bootlegged 7th May 1969 Golden Gate Park performance." Mills also calls this "the first official release" of the recording, but one must question what makes it official, much less authorized, as opposed to, say, "technically legal" in the sense that Charly has licensed it from Licensemusic.comAPS, "courtesy of ABC Entertainment Gmbh." Just as money can be laundered, it appears that illicit concert recordings can, too. It is hard to imagine that Jefferson Airplane would have authorized the release of this recording. It has been mastered at a low volume, and the recording, although it may come from a soundboard, favors the drums, the lead guitar, and some of the vocals, resulting in a distinctly inferior sound. Jefferson Airplane fans may nevertheless be interested in hearing a show at which the band performs versions of several songs due for release five months later on Volunteers: the title song, "The Farm," "Good Shepherd," and "We Can Be Together." The disc does not, however, contain a performance of "Mexico," listed as the 13th and final track. That is the title that is announced from the stage, but the band then plays "3/5 of a Mile in 10 Seconds" instead. That's the kind of mistake you expect with a bootleg, which is what this is in all but name.

01. The Other Side Of This Life [0:06:37.24]
02. Somebody To Love [0:04:17.72]
03. The Farm [0:03:20.23]
04. Greasy Heart [0:03:44.05]
05. Good Shepherd [0:05:35.37]
06. Plastic Fantastic Lover [0:03:45.46]
07. Uncle Sam Blues [0:08:38.05]
08. Volunteers [0:04:23.23]
09. White Rabbit [0:02:27.28]
10. Won't You Try/Saturday afternoon [0:05:09.08]
11. Jam [0:10:09.04]
12. We Can Be Together [0:06:57.64]
13. Mexico [0:05:40.00]

Jefferson Airplane - Grasy Heart - Live At Golden Gate

Jefferson Airplane - High Flyin' Bird

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