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viernes, febrero 29, 2008

John Mayall & Bluesbreakers - Live:1969


No voy a hacer muchos mas comentarios sobre Mayall. Este doble disco del 69, grabado en la epoca del "Turning Point", es, menos el primer tema en que colabora Mick Taylor, acústico. realmente una delicia, aunque el sonido no es todo lo perfecto que desearía, es un buen complemento a nuestra colección de discos del maestro Mayall.

Live: 1969 captures John Mayall and The Bluesbreakers at a critical point in their hugely influential career. The first track on the album was recorded at the last performance by the 'Laurel Canyon' line up of John Mayall, Mick Taylor, Steve Thompson and Colin Allen at Birmingham Town Hall on May 9, 1969.

Following this tour, Mayall made two big decisions: firstly he was going to relocate to the USA and secondly he was going to form a new, more acoustic based line up which would not feature drums. This dramatic change was captured for posterity in the film 'The Turning Point'.

The rest of disc 1 and the whole of disc 2 are the recordings made on the June 1969 tour by the new line up of John Mayall, Jon Mark, Steve Thompson and Johnny Almond. These were made during the course of the filming of 'The Turning Point'.

1. Parchman Farm
2. Don't Waste My Time
3. Sleeping By Her Side
4. Room To Move
5. Saw Mill Gulch Road
6. Can't Sleep This Night
7. Thoughts About Roxanne
8. I'm Gonna Fight For You JB
9. I'm Gonna Fight For You JB
10. California

CD 2
1. Can't Sleep This Night
2. So Hard To Share
3. Don't Waste My Time
4. I'm Gonna Fight For You JB
5. The Laws Must Change
6. California
7. California

John Mayall Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton - Hideaway

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