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miércoles, agosto 27, 2008

Grace Slick - Dreams

Grace Slick - Dreams

Dreams fue el segundo disco de Slick, la cantante de la Jefferson Airplane. Despues de su separacion de la banda en 1980, grabo este estupendo disco con buenos musicos de estudio, a destacar, Scott Zito a las guitarras. El lp tiene poco que ver con sus trabajos en la Jefferson, son temas con mucho brio y algunos medios tiempos muy inspirados. A mi me gusta mas que el primero, "Manhole". Los dos últimos lps, "Welcome to the Wrecking Ball" y "Software" no estan editados aun en cd que yo sepa, los tengo ripeados de vinilo con un buen sonido: Sofware, Wellcome...

I remember very clearly being given a copy of this album when it came out, back when I was a Jr. in High School. At the time, I was listening to a pretty wide variety of music (like KISS, the Who, Doobie Brothers, Black Sabbath, Amy Grant [yep...Sabbath and Amy back to back], Zeppelin, Genesis [they hadn't yet turned to inconsequential mush, but they were well on their way], etc.), and I was something of a Jefferson Starship fan (I wasn't yet mature enough to really appreciate Jefferson Airplane, but did like some of their stuff). I immediately fell in love with DREAMS. It practically consumed me. The lyrics are extremely personal, and the music is a huge departure for Grace. This is a rare window into the soul of an artist. It is absolutely brilliant. My musical tastes have changed, grown, expanded in inumerable ways since high school (world music, funk, electronica, modern symphonic, etc), but DREAMS remains at the top of my list. And I imagine it always will.

A few years ago, I lost my huge LP collection (along with everything else) in a house fire. DREAMS is the only album that escaped the fire practically untouched. It now hangs framed on the wall in my office.

Thank you, Grace, for sharing your soul with us, and for giving us this enduring work of art.

1. Dreams
2. El Diablo
3. Face To The Wind
4. Angel Of Night
5. Seasons
6. Do It The Hard Way
7. Full Moon Man
8. Let It Go
9. Garden Of Man

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